This is a site about life. Little baby ducks sometimes, too. And warfare.

You will never see a greater affirmation of life than through the eyes of people who face death every moment.

All people are in that fight whether they face it or not. We eat and breathe through the same hole in our heads. We drive cars seventy miles an hour and trust others to do the same thing right beside us. We take life for granted.

The people in the videos and on the pages of this site can’t afford to take life for granted. They know that daily success comes through commitment to life and through adaptation to a bad situation.

This site is also about making impossible things easy. Most people consider it unacceptable to go through daily life with a half-inch hole in their stomach or throat or bladder. Yes, it’s impossible, but it gets easier the more you do it. Tessa and thousands of others have been doing it for many years.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this battle is finding someone to go through it with you, day to day, year after year. We call them caregivers. We call them personal assistants. But, in reality, they are arms, legs, and hands. They can read the tone of our voice and the twitch of our eyelids. They keep us together, and sometimes they break down.

Ultimately, this site is about joy. The kind of joy that sits quietly in your pocket while you forget about it. It waits patiently for the right moment to surprise you. It can wait a long time.

We at Tessa’s House are constantly working on new things. New challenges. New techniques. Even new equipment. We hope that you look around on this site and get some ideas for your own life. We certainly welcome your input and questions in our forum.

Make sure you watch the “Welcome” video on this page. We keep all of our videos around three minutes if possible.